Thursday, 23 October 2014

More NL0911

I think I said more NL0911.... and I lied.

Made a very cute ballerina skirt (black of course) and was searching for a top to go with it. So....I went shopping.  I tried on this very cute baby blue chiffon top (not normally a colour I would wear), but I really liked it.  Unfortunately there could be no "holds" while I needed time to justify the purchase. (It was an incredibly simple design) It was off to the fabric shop I went - it seems baby blue is not a colour currently popular so I settled for a slightly more greeny blue hue.
Got out my trusty 0911 and with a few modifications I think I may have it.  I should note that this project hasn't undergone construction yet...still in the mind. I'm sleeping on it so to speak.

I will post finished top AND ballerina skirt once complete, but I have since decided that they are not going to be worn together (funny how that happens).
I have to say this pattern looks sooo boring!  Just what were the stylists thinking!!!!
However I love the raglan sleeve and have used this nine times already. And believe it or not - they all have a point of difference (except for maybe my first 2).

I also bought "baby pink" pony-tail chiffon to make a drapey kinda top - not sure how to devise that pattern yet.  The woman in the above shop that would not HOLD my top for me was wearing such a cute pink top that I wanted one of them too.  SOLD OUT!!!! Hmmph
" I WILL have that top"
- don't know how but I will.

Maybe a slight change of the old NL0911 could do it.  This will be a challenge.

Just a little NL0911 worn over a store bought dress. (I love dots) I should have posted this in my OWOP challenge - but spent that week away from home and working and posted zilch even though I managed 8 (yes EIGHT) versions. My photographer was less than willing.  I will be posting all completed NL0911 in a later post just to prove that I have :)

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