Wednesday, 26 November 2014

I am Making some Ginger jeans :)

progressing nicely with the sewalong - maybe not as fast as I would like - hence I am making 2 pairs.

Just bought some more fabric for a third pair - currently being prepared before I cut into it.

They seem to fit pretty good too.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Ginger Jeans....I want some.

Just missed out on the Ginger Jeans kit :(  Ithink living on the other side of the world meant that I am a few hours behind - but it really is my own fault.  I thought  (late at night) that I will just put my order in tomorrow, well tomorrow came and the kit had sold out!!! Dammit.

I will however do the download and hunt out some denim.  I do have some in my stash but I think it could be a bit heavy for the old domestic machines.

What could be a greater compliment than to have an amazing pattern designed with you in mind.

Big fan of Ginger and her writing style and her jeans look amazing. Can't wait to see the next pair.

Anyway. Busy day for me - no sewing but a bit of house work and taking the youngest dog to the vet for her final puppy vaccinations meet Rosie the Jackfrost!

Ain't she cute ??

Thursday, 23 October 2014

More NL0911

I think I said more NL0911.... and I lied.

Made a very cute ballerina skirt (black of course) and was searching for a top to go with it. So....I went shopping.  I tried on this very cute baby blue chiffon top (not normally a colour I would wear), but I really liked it.  Unfortunately there could be no "holds" while I needed time to justify the purchase. (It was an incredibly simple design) It was off to the fabric shop I went - it seems baby blue is not a colour currently popular so I settled for a slightly more greeny blue hue.
Got out my trusty 0911 and with a few modifications I think I may have it.  I should note that this project hasn't undergone construction yet...still in the mind. I'm sleeping on it so to speak.

I will post finished top AND ballerina skirt once complete, but I have since decided that they are not going to be worn together (funny how that happens).
I have to say this pattern looks sooo boring!  Just what were the stylists thinking!!!!
However I love the raglan sleeve and have used this nine times already. And believe it or not - they all have a point of difference (except for maybe my first 2).

I also bought "baby pink" pony-tail chiffon to make a drapey kinda top - not sure how to devise that pattern yet.  The woman in the above shop that would not HOLD my top for me was wearing such a cute pink top that I wanted one of them too.  SOLD OUT!!!! Hmmph
" I WILL have that top"
- don't know how but I will.

Maybe a slight change of the old NL0911 could do it.  This will be a challenge.

Just a little NL0911 worn over a store bought dress. (I love dots) I should have posted this in my OWOP challenge - but spent that week away from home and working and posted zilch even though I managed 8 (yes EIGHT) versions. My photographer was less than willing.  I will be posting all completed NL0911 in a later post just to prove that I have :)

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Another little New Look 0911 for OWOP

Its a red one this time - need an injection as colour as all the other NL0911's are quite neutral.  I do have a very neutral colour palette as it is what I feel most comfortable in - but no black this time (at least nothing is totally black - assuming spots and lacy designs don't count!)
Saving my photo for when I wear it.
For the moment there will be no more NL0911.......but I do have some pretty green fabric I bought specifically for this pattern.

The count down is on for OWOP14

I'm practising my blogging skills :) Links and stuff - all very easy to regular bloggers but not something I have spent time investigating.  Still working on that OWOP badge link though.   Oh well.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Hopefully I have officially signed up.  Not so good at this linking stuff as slightly computer illiterate
Got my pattern all sorted - New Look 0911
Its a top - so that makes it easy to wear - can wear with trousers or a skirt.  I have a longer version that can be worn as a dress too.  I think I have 8 versions and not one is true to the pattern.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Restart June 2nd 2013

I think a need to start it all so I deleted all previous comments as they were totally without purpose.

And now onto what really interests me. 

I have just completed my very first me made may MMM 13. I am not generally a public person so there were barriers for me. Posting a daily photo of yourself on a public site was nerve racking for the first few days. 

I did enjoy the creations and appreciated the comments of fellow MMMs.

What I learned; Black does not photograph well.  Although stylish in real light no detail will come up in photos. Useful for silhouette only!!  Black and dark outfits received few comment and colourful outfits receive many whether they were good or not.  Pretty feminine looks also received more comments views and favourites.  I tend to wear and make outfits that are very simple and MMM has directed me away from this. I believe this to be a good thing. 
I have many me mades in my wardrobe as I love to sew. I have been sewing since I was 3. My first creation being my arrow holder for my homemade arrows and bow. 

So here goes.....